“Latrey, Tracey’s daughter”


Tracey never imagined she’d be where she is now — struggling to pay the bills and provide for her kids. But after her divorce, she found herself raising her family all on her own, with no support. And with a special-needs son, she isn’t able to work.

There are plenty of days when they look in the pantry, and there’s nothing there. To make matters worse, a recent reduction in the family’s SNAP benefits leaves barely enough to buy groceries for a week.

Too often Tracey has had to go without to make sure her children have enough. And she is
constantly faced with difficult decisions for her family, like choosing between healthy food and health care, or paying their utility bill.

“It got to the point where I decided to get a job to help the family out,” says Tracey’s daughter, Latrey, who works part-time at a department store after school.

Thankfully, the family discovered the pantry at Potter’s House, a partner of Feeding Northeast Florida. Now they’re able to fill the big gap in their food budget.

“It helps so much. I’ll be down to my last scrap, trying to scratch something together, and I can come here and get to my next check,” says Tracey. “Thank you for everything you do.”

Thanks to you, Tracey and her kids know that this holiday season, they’ll have food on the table. Please continue your support while every dollar goes twice as far!

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