Mcdonald's Happy meal

During the entire month of December, for each Happy Meal purchased, a second one will be donated to Feeding Northeast Florida.

It’s estimated that nearly 225,000 Happy Meals will be donated right back into the community, equating to about 600 free meals per day served to local children.

“All of our owner/operators live local and most of our restaurants are locally owned and operated, and we wanted to help our local community—our neighbors—address this serious problem of food insecurity,” said Will Garcia, local McDonald’s owner/operator. “We have partnered with organizations that are committed to putting food directly into the mouths of those who need it most. Through Buy One, Share One Happy Meals, we can do our part to provide local children in need with a meal and also empower our customers to be part of the giving and understand the problem they are helping address.”

“I applaud the partners in this effort to reduce food insecurity,” said Ashley Smith-Juarez, Duval County Public School Board Chair.  “At Duval County Public Schools, we know that children who are hungry are less likely to stay focused, and that children who eat nutritious meals are more likely to achieve.  As families take advantage of McDonald’s generosity, I encourage them to try the wholesome choices available in Happy Meals, including apple slices, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat or fat-free milk.”

For each Happy Meal purchase made during the month of December, McDonald’s will donate Happy Meal redemption cards throughout 2016 to several local non-profit organizations that collectively reach all parts of the northeast Florida and southeast Georgia area, including:

• Feeding Northeast Florida (FNEFL), serving the greater northeast Florida area
• Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, serving five counties in the Gainesville area
• Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, serving the greater southeast Georgia area
• Second Harvest of South Georgia, serving the greater south Georgia area