FNEFL Joins U.S. Food Banks to Raise Hunger Awareness during Hunger Action Month

Regional food bank Feeding Northeast Florida (FNEFL), along with the Feeding America nationwide network of more than 200 food banks, will mobilize across all 50 states in September in an effort to bring an end to hunger.

Hunger Action Month is designed to inspire people to take action and raise awareness of the fact that 48 million Americans, including 15 million children, are food insecure, according to the USDA. In eight Northeast Florida counties, one-in-six people, one-in-four of them children, face hunger.  About 280,000 in the area served by FNEFL are food insecure.

September marks the ninth year the Feeding America network of food banks has organized this annual call to action and the third year FNEFL has participated in the Hunger Action Month movement. This year, the campaign will focus on the strong connections between hunger and health.

The Hunger Action Month 2016 campaign asks people to consider how it must feel to live with an empty stomach, which puts a healthy life and a promising future at risk.

“It’s important that the people we serve have access to enough healthy food to reach their full potential… especially our children, who cannot grow, succeed or learn on an empty stomach,” said FNEFL President and CEO Luke Layow.  “But we can’t forget that hunger is also an issue that affects a broad demographic – our child’s classmate, our office coworker and neighbors down the street. September is an opportunity for all hunger-relief advocates to take simple steps towards supporting those in need.”

Hunger Action Day, the second Thursday in September, is a day where efforts across the country are focused for greater impact.

This year, in September, FNEFL asks supporters throughout the area to donate the average cost of one meal to the food bank – which can easily be donated on-line at its website.

To be part of the national conversation on hunger, supporters can also share what they couldn’t do without adequate nutrition by writing on an empty plate: “On an empty stomach I can’t ______,” and filling in the blank with something they couldn’t achieve without the nutrition we need to thrive – and post those photos to social media with hashtags #HungerActionMonth, #FeedingNEFL and @FeedingAmerica.

“With the combined effort of Feeding America, the nationwide network of food banks and hunger advocates across the country, the goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about hunger and inspire Americans to get involved,” said Diana Aviv, CEO of Feeding America. “The Feeding America network is leading the fight to end hunger in the U.S. We all have a role to play in getting food to our neighbors in need. Advocate. Educate. Volunteer. Donate.”

To learn more about Feeding Northeast Florida and other ways you can get involved in Hunger Action Month, please visit www.feedingnefl.org or HungerActionMonth.org.