Food Drives

If you want to bring a personal product donation (either as part of a food drive or as an individual donation), come by our food distribution center from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A staff member will assist you in unloading your vehicle and will prepare a donation receipt for your records.

Our Food Distribution Center is located at 1116 Edgewood Ave. North, Jacksonville, FL 32254.

Host a Food Drive

If your business, church or organization would like to host a food drive, that’s a fantastic way to help your community.
Hunger never takes a holiday or goes on vacation — you can make a huge impact anytime by conducting a food drive. It’s simple and easy. Whether you want to hold a drive in your neighborhood, office, or school, we’ll help you.

Please note that we can only accept unopened, unexpired items. We also cannot accept “homemade” canned jellies, jams or vegetables.

These are the food items most requested by our clients:
• Canned Meat
• Beans
• Rice
• Pasta and Sauce
• Peanut butter and Jelly
• Mac n Cheese
• Canned fruit and veggies
• Cereal

Virtual Food Drive

Your business, church or organization can also participate in a virtual food drive, which is a fantastic and immediate way to help your community address food insecurity in your area.

It’s simple and easy. Whether you want to hold a virtual food drive please login to, or we’ll help you set up a specific one for your organization church, school, office, or neighborhood.

For more information, please contact Eli Darktash at