JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (September 2, 2019) — Feeding Northeast Florida, the community’s largest hunger relief organization, is ready to assist people in need of food in Northeast Florida. As Hurricane Dorian makes her way closer to our area, Feeding Northeast Florida is monitoring the storm’s progress and making plans to assist in the aftermath. The organization is staging pallets of water and Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) to help the people of our community.

“We are working closely with both the Feeding Florida and Feeding America networks as we prepare to assist our service area and other areas impacted by Hurricane Dorian,” said Feeding Northeast Florida President and CEO Susan King. “With their assistance, we are accessing resources to ensure all eight counties we serve have enough supplies to help those in need.”

Feeding Northeast Florida will be open to agency partners on Tuesday but will be closed on Wednesday, September 4 due to the possibility of flooding and high winds and will assess reopening after the storm has passed. The nonprofit will be closed to volunteers until further notice.

If you need help or want to assist Feeding Northeast Florida provide food and support to the more than 270,000 people in need in our community, visit feedingnefl.org.

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About Feeding Northeast Florida
Feeding Northeast Florida works daily to provide healthy food and critical resources to those locally struggling with food insecurity across eight regional counties. In 2018, more than 14 million meals were distributed throughout Northeast Florida through the organization’s robust hunger-relief network of 160 partners and programs. For more information about Feeding Northeast Florida, visit https://www.feedingnefl.org/.

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