Thank you for your commitment to our partnership and the shared mission of hunger relief in our community. Below you will find links to each of the documents that are required for partnership with Feeding Northeast Florida. Some of the links are blank forms that should be filled out and returned, others are sample documents- we will need you to submit a copy of your corresponding document.

Once completed, please return to Sarah Hall, Director of Agency Relations or by mail 1116 Edgewood Ave N Unit D/E Jacksonville, FL 32254


501c (3) Designation letter [SAMPLE]

This is the original letter that you received from the IRS that designates your organization as a registered 501c (3). Florida Consumer’s Tax Exemption CANNOT be used to satisfy this requirement.

Florida Food Handlers Certification

One representative from your organization must have a valid Food Handlers Certificate. If you do not currently have one on file, we recommend taking the one hour class through Responsible Training at the link above.

Recent Pest Control receipt [SAMPLE]

A receipt or letter signed by your pest control company stating that services have been provided in the past 6 months.

Agency Application

Completed and signed application that gives full details about your organization and feeding program.

Agency Agreement

Contract for partnership with Feeding Northeast Florida. Must be signed and dated.

Contact Form

Basic contact information about your organization and feeding program

Quarterly Reporting

At the end of each quarter, each agency must submit a report that details how many people were served at their site. The link above gives you instructions on how to count and submit this data. Quarterly reports are due on April 10th, July 10th, October 10th, and January 10th.