Andrea’s husband works hard in the construction industry, but there just isn’t enough money to pay the bills and feed their four young children.

“My boys eat a lot! They are eating machines,” Andrea says of her 12-year-old and twin 8-year-olds.

Andrea would like to work, but her hands are full taking care of little Mary Anne, who was born with Down Syndrome.

With their income, they can’t even afford essentials, and extras like holiday gifts and meals are out of the question.

“If I couldn’t get food here, I wouldn’t have enough to feed my family,” Andrea says.

Thanks to you, Andrea gets the help she needs from the Family Worship Center pantry, a longtime partner of Feeding Northeast Florida. At holiday time, the extras provided mean even more to her family.

Now her holidays are looking a lot brighter, and she just can’t thank you enough.

Your support now goes TWICE AS FAR thanks to a special $50,000 holiday matching grant. Every $1 helps feed TWO families!


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