My name is Michael, and I was an electrician for 20 years. But I had to give that up because now I can’t see well enough to fiddle with live electricity and wires. For nine months, I was without work, and my wife and I were struggling to have enough food to eat.

It felt like Christmas the first time I saw the food provided by Feeding Northeast Florida, because I had nothing. They were so gracious to provide us with meat, eggs, vegetables, and dry goods. Such a huge help in those harder times!

These days I’m working as a delivery driver, but I’m not making as much money and sometimes it’s still a struggle for my wife and I to make ends meet. The food from the food bank helps us supplement and benefits us greatly, especially because the foods we get here are healthy.

I have to say that I never expected to be in this situation where we would need help. I’ve worked hard my whole life and have always been able to care for my family’s needs. But it’s nice to know the food bank is here to help us and so many other people in the community.

I’m very grateful … for the food bank, for the volunteers, and for the good people who give money to help people like us get the food we need.

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