Food Distribution 

Sponsoring our food distribution activities and programs are great ways for you to get intimately involved in the fight against hunger. Sponsors are afforded the opportunity to participate in the activity that they have chosen. For example, if your passion is finding solutions to children’s hunger, we have several opportunities that significantly impact that. They range from helping to pack weekend Snackpacks to direct distributions that engage children directly.

By making donations in these amounts, you can individually sponsor specific food distributions to those in need:

$156 feeds a homebound senior for a year – Sadly, each month many seniors must decide whether to buy food or fill their prescription medications. Your gift will provide a senior the comfort of maintaining their health without going hungry.

$156 feeds a kindergarten student 3 meals a day for a year – The statistics of child hunger in Jacksonville are staggering. 1 in 2 children in our schools struggle with having enough to eat. Your gift will ensure that food is available to a young child so they are ready to learn when they get to school and throughout their day.

$312 feeds a family of four for six months

Food is the most basic human need. Your gift will provide breakfast for children before school, lunch for a parent at work, and an opportunity for the family to have dinner together. By taking away the stress of figuring out where their next meal will come from, everyone can focus on education, job success and the well being of the family.

$500 will provide Snackpacks to five kids for an entire school year

Though they eat lunch at school, some school children will not eat again until they have lunch at school the next day. There may be food at home, but often they do not know how to open or cook the food properly. Your gift of Snackpacks will provide a weekly bag of kid friendly, nutritious food to five children throughout the entire school year. These packs include healthy meal items and snacks that the children can open and prepare themselves.

For more information on sponsorship, please contact Deirdre Dam at