Board and Staff


2017 Board of Directors

Board Officers:

Chuck Wyckoff, Board Chairman

Al Green, Treasurer, Vice President of Vehicle Processing, Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC

Alan Wachs, Secretary, Partner at Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP


Board Members:

Kathy Barbour, Chief Communications Officer, Acosta

Len Brown, Chief Legal Officer, PGA TOUR

Robert Frankel, The Richard DeRaismes Kip Professor of Marketing and Logistics, The University of North Florida (UNF) Coggin College of Business

Bruce Ganger, Executive Director, Bounty & Soul

Mia Jones, CEO, Agape Community Health Center

Penny Kievet, Executive Director, City Rescue Mission

Susan King, Executive Director, Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry

Quintin Kendall,  Vice President–State Government & Community Affairs, CSX Transportation

Josh Martino, President & Legal Counsel, Bono’s

Ryan Sadler, Co-founder and President, MainOcean Port Services LLC, and a principal of Barquero LLC, a private investment partnership

Lisha Wise, Board member at The Bolles School and Community Hospice Foundation


Senior Leadership Team:

Luke Layow
President & CEO
904.201.4412 (direct|fax|mobile|text)

Deirdre Dam
 Vice President of Philanthropy
904.416.0780 (direct|fax|mobile|text)

Frank Castillo
Vice President of Finance and Administration
904.201.4415 (direct|fax|mobile|text)

Frank Ferraro
Vice President of Operations
904.201.4419 (direct|fax|mobile|text)

Michelle McGriff
Director of Partnerships & Program Development
904.930.4024 (direct|fax|mobile|text)


Department Information:

Administration and Human Resources:

Lindsay Benner
904.830.4377 (direct|fax|mobile|text)


Agency Relations:

Derrick Edmondson
904.312.2127 (direct|fax|mobile|text)



Kaci Honeycutt
904.830.4379 (direct|fax|mobile|text)


Development and Marketing:

Sarah Hall
904.647.2631 (direct|fax|mobile|text)



Brandy Ivory


Grants and Research:

William J. Spencer
904.930.4022 (direct/cell/fax/text)


Community Outreach, Hubs, and Mobile Pantries:

Shakera Bailey
904.830.4373 (direct|fax|mobile|text)


Inventory and Compliance:

Ron Bonner

Eli Darkatsh
904.201.4413 (direct|fax|mobile|text)



Mustafa Kostic
904.638.8812 (direct|fax|mobile|text)


Retail Partnerships:

Chimere Nieves Pellot

904.201.4416 (direct|fax|mobile|text)



Mike Neff
904.201.4416 (direct|fax|mobile|text)