You’re going to hear a lot about campaigns this year.

At Feeding Northeast Florida, the most important campaign we’re waging is the 2016 Campaign to End Hunger. And when we’re successful, all parties win. Because hunger doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, religion, or political party.

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Donate to the Campaign


In the 17 counties we serve, one-in-six people, and one-in-four children, struggle with hunger.
Our goal is to raise the money needed to address hunger in our area.

2016 Campaign to End Hunger Donation Thank You Gifts

For donors who wish to show off their support for the Campaign to End Hunger we invite you to select a thank you gift with our signature logo.

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Host a Campaign Party

Help the Campaign to End Hunger by holding a Friend & Fundraiser!

We’ll help you plan the perfect event to show your support and recruit others to do the same.

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Volunteer at our Distribution Center

The more volunteers we have, the faster we can sort and distribute the food to the 180 food pantries in the region. Three-hour shifts are available at our Edgewood Avenue center. Sign up today!

Promote us on Social Media

Let your friends and family know that you care about the issue of hunger, and encourage them to join the Campaign to End Hunger! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Sign the Petition

Support the Campaign to End Hunger by filling out the form below. This lets others know that you care about the issue of hunger and plan to help end it!