Feeding a Stronger Tomorrow

Feeding Northeast Florida helps local children and families, seniors, and veterans who struggle to put food on the table. Working with local grocery stores, manufacturers, and farms we rescue high-quality food that would normally be wasted and transform it into meals for those in need. 

By connecting millions of pounds of rescued food to a network of over 160 social service agencies – like City Rescue Mission, The Sulzbacher Center, and The Salvation Army – these hunger-relief partners are able to provide not only food to those in need, but services that can help these families and individuals end the cycle of poverty – including job training or placement, low-cost childcare, SNAP benefits, medical care, affordable housing, and counseling. In 2016, Feeding Northeast Florida provided 12.3 million meals to our network of social service agencies in eight counties throughout Northeast Florida.

Feeding Northeast Florida is your food bank.  With your help and support, we can make sure one of the basic needs shared by all of us is met every day.

Our Summer Hunger Plea

Feeding Northeast Florida, your area’s largest source for donated food for children, does not have enough funding this summer.

For some, summer means the end of school, celebrations and vacations. For us, it means less donations and more children in need. One in four children in Northeast Florida is already food insecure. When school is out, the access to food significantly decreases for them.

Many of the 81,660 local children have families who do not make enough to make ends meet. During the school year, they have access to free and reduced lunch programs from Monday through Friday. When they leave school Friday afternoon, many take home our SnackPacks, which help get them through the weekend.

With school out for the summer, these families are forced to turn to Feeding Northeast Florida and our network of partner food pantries. It is never easy for a mom, dad, grandparent or guardian to ask for help. But they do so to have enough to pay their bills and provide food for their family.

Each June, we too have to ask for extra help. As the need for healthy food increases, contributions do not keep pace. Without adequate funding, we are not able to bring in enough food for all our partners and programs. In order for hungry children to have access to food this summer, Feeding Northeast Florida is making an urgent plea to the community. By helping us to make ends meet, you are helping 160 charities and feeding programs across Northeast Florida. Together, we can ensure that the community’s youngest minds receive the nutrition and energy they need to grow and thrive.

Please consider donating as soon as possible to our Summer Campaign. All gifts are tax-deductible. Feeding Northeast Florida is a 501c3 nonprofit charity and we take tremendous care in being an efficient organization with 97% of our funding invested in providing food and services.